How to choose the best concealed carry holster

Guide to choosing the best concealed carry holsters

This guide will help you discover what concealed carry holsters are best for you.

1) State Laws – Before you buy a holster, it’s important to know the gun laws in your state. In some states it is unlawful to carry a handgun openly in public, but in other states it’s perfectly acceptable. Here is a link you can use to find your state’s stance on carrying a firearm. Gun laws by state.

State gun laws

2) Where you’ll be carrying – Depending on where you’ll be carrying the firearm, you may want an open carry or concealed carry holster. If you plan on carrying your firearm in public and you don’t want people to know you have a firearm, then a concealed carry holster is best for you. If concealing the firearm is not important to you, then an outside the waistband holster is right for you.


3) Security– What’s the point in carrying a firearm if it is not there when you need it? Selecting a holster that has enough retention to securely carry the firearm is paramount. Here’s how you can measure the retention.

Retention is measured by the amount of force that is required to draw the firearm. A great concealed carry holster has enough retention to prevent the firearm from moving/wiggling in the holster, but can be smoothly drawn when desired.

How you test this:

  • Insert your unloaded firearm into the holster
  • Hold the holster upside down, a few inches over a table.
  • Shake the holster from left to right, starting gently and gradually increasing strength.
  • If the handgun moves around/wiggles or falls out of the holster, then the holster is too loose and does not have enough retention to be secure.

4) Comfort – Whether you carry your holster every day, or only at the range, you’ll want to be comfortable while carrying the holster. The most comfortable holsters are made from sturdy soft leather that gradually form around the shape of your body. Sweat shields also add comfort; they prevent the firearm’s slide from rubbing against your body.

Holster with sweat guard

5) Unique features – Modern day holsters have more bells & whistles than Billy The Kid could have ever imagined. This guide for unique holster features will help you determine what unique features you’ll want to include in your holster. Unique features of holsters.

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