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Leather Holsters for Vortex Optics

Leather Holsters for Vortex Optics

Order Custom Holsters for Vortex Optics

Our custom leather handgun holsters can be made to fit any firearm that has been modified with a Vortex red dot sight. Our leather holsters with red dot sights are entirely custom made to order. Please call 843-501-2771 for details about ordering a custom holster with red dot sight.

Below are the models of Vortex Red Dot Sights that we can make holsters for:

  • Leather holsters for Vortex Razor
  • Leather holsters for Vortex Viper
  • Leather holsters for Vortex Venom
  • ...

Howdah Shoulder Holsters

Howdah Shoulder Holsters

Custom Howdah Shoulder Holsters

Order a custom leather Howdah holsters as a shoulder rig or belt slide holster, by callings 843-501-2771.


concealable shoulder holster for howdah shotgun
holster for howdah shotgun
ammo holster for howdah
Howdah shoulder holster
custom shoulder holster for howdah
leather holster for howdah
Holster for howdah


Difference Between OWB and IWB Leather Holsters

Difference Between OWB and IWB Leather Holsters

OWB/IWB holsters and other holster styles

Guide for new shooters to learn the difference between types of holsters

OWB – Outside The Waistband Holster– An OWB holster allows the wearer to carry the holstered firearm on the outside of their waistband. An OWB holster is most commonly referred to as “Open Carry”. An open carry holster is preferred by shooters who...

Men's Alligator Wallet Guide

How to choose the best alligator wallet for men

Buying a genuine Alligator skin wallet online can be challenging. You will want to choose an Alligator leather wallet that is RFID blocking. Here's what you need to know.

best alligator skin wallet for men