A behind the scenes look at handmade wildlife inspired Brackish Bow Ties.

Behind the scenes at Brackish's workshop

Brackish Bow Tie

Behind the scenes at Brackish, you’ll find dozens of craftsmen delicately bringing to life handsome bow ties made from exotic bird feathers. As unbelievable as peacock, pheasant, or guinea feather bow ties sound, you should see the incredible process they use to elegantly craft their collections.

Brackish Bow Ties

The moment you walk into Brackish’s workshop, you can’t help yourself from wandering through the showroom, curiously drooling over their fabulously designed bow ties, cummerbunds, loafers, cufflinks and more. Once you spend a few moments in their showroom, it becomes clear that the North Pole is not the only place in the world with a magic workshop.

Feather bow tie

Jeff Plotner, co-founder and CEO of Brackish, took us on a tour and explained their amazingly unique story and process. Stemming from an idea to make a one-of-a-kind gift for his groomsmen, co-founder Ben Ross made the first bow tie at his own kitchen table and then bestowed them to his wedding party, which included Jeff. The desire to create and inspire is deep rooted at Brackish – “Creativity is oozing from our ears”, says Jeff, as his craftsmen demonstrate masterful dexterity for handcrafted formal wear.

Brackish making bow tie

Jeff shared his secret with us and didn’t mind when we told him we’re excited to implement it at our workshop. “We try and do something new every time, whether on a team, individual, or company level. You can’t be afraid to try new things”. Many people’s views are constrained by what’s popular, acceptable, and what’s been done before. Not at Brackish. One of their core values is “What Box”, a creative positioning they rely on to “think so far outside the box, there is no box.”

Brackish Bow ties

Having witnessed their creative process firsthand, there’s no doubt they are experts at dreaming up new ideas, techniques, and collections. Few things are made in America, but businesses like Brackish bring hope and inspiration to craftsmen like us. Discover more about their collections of dapper formal wear at www.BrackishBowties.com

Brackish Bow tie

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