Virtually customize handgun holsters online

Design a handgun holster using our online holster maker. Our genuine cowhide leather holsters are made specifically for your handgun and are fully customizable. Choose from a selection of customized options and add you own images to be laser engraved and more!

Custom handgun holster

OWB/IWB Combo – Quickly transition from outside the waistband (OWB) to inside the waistband (IWB) by attaching our metal IWB clips. The attachable metal clips are rugged and reliable, and we’ll replace them if they fail. This hybrid concealed carry holster is perfect for IWB and OWB.

Strong Side - Our holsters are designed for strong side carry, at approximately 3-5:30 on your hip, and are designed to carry your gun with a 15 -degree forward cant (angle). This helps to maximize the ability to conceal the firearm. It also aids in a quick, smooth draw and presentation.

Comfortably draw and re-holster the firearm - Made specifically for each firearm, our holsters are individually built for each pistol, to ensure that each holster has excellent retention and fits like a glove. During the fitting process, your holster will be molded with a hydraulic press to form the shape of your firearm - your holster will fit like a glove.

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