Bri Van Scotter

Ambassador of The Wild & Southern Trapper

Wilderness to table Bri Van Scotter

Bri Van Scotter - The Culinary Queen of fresh wild game recipes.

Bri Van Scotter has a taste for more than fresh food... her passion for wildlife and professional hunting is the root of her success as a professional chef and wildlife conservationist. With 20+ years of culinary experience, her wild game recipes are drooled over by many avid outdoorsmen and sporting families. From land to sea, Bri's commitment to sustainably sourcing organic ingredients has inspired many families to share meals and memories, by incorporating wild game recipes at their tables.

Wild game recipes

Bri is "constantly exploring nature" and sharing healthy recipes on her website & TV show called Wilderness To Table. Don't let her wild game recipes intimidate you; your family and friends will be blown away by her easy-to-follow step-by-step wild game recipes.

Wild game recipe

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What do you enjoy most about the Great Outdoors?

  • "I love every part of the Great Outdoors, but to me, Mother Nature's peacefulness and tranquility brings me the most joy. The sounds and sights inspire me and that's something no one can take away".

What animal would you reincarnate to?

  • "A Dolphin, because Dolphins can swim everywhere, they are free, and no one would hunt me! I would want to spend all day flying through the air and back into the water."

When you are not hard at work, where would we find you?

  • "You can always find me in the kitchen, the gym, or on a paddle board."

If you could do one thing that would positively impact the entire world, what would you do?

  • "I would cure the world of our plastic problem. I'd find ways to recycle and reuse plastic, to help save water and land animals from destruction! It makes me sick to see the impact plastic has on our beautiful world."

Describe your best friend -

  • "She's there for the good and bad. She understands my weird personality. She's game for any adventure I suggest. She puts up with my crazy ideas and always has a 'Let's do it' approach."

What will be written on your tombstone?

  • "Bless her heart, she tried."

What do you look for in a dog?

  • "Hahaha, that's like finding a husband... Loyalty. There has to be an extreme cuddle factor. Crazy but not too crazy. Definitely a dog that will exercise their heart out with me."

What word best describes you and Southern Trapper?

  • "Distinctive"

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