Carter McKenzie

Ambassador of The Wild & Southern Trapper

Carter McKenzie - A coach in and out of the classroom.

Souther Trapper Ambassador

In or out of the classroom doesn't matter to Carter. He's a more than a teacher, he's a coach. He coaches 9th and 10th grade US History, which is likely the most important subject taught in America. Without it, where would we learn about Freedom and Pride? Carter coaches freedom and pride on and off the field, literally. Not just on the track and tennis court, but also in the hunting field.

Southern trapper hunting ambassador

Carter is one of those people who gets it. He knows there is only so much you can learn in a classroom, the rest is learned through life. Life took Carter in the direction of becoming an outstanding teacher and it also lead him to cherish wildlife and promote sustainable conservation. If you go looking for Carter, start in the classroom and work your way to the "Homestead", where he grows his own food and livestock.


What do you enjoy most about the Great Outdoors?

  • "Two of my biggest passions in life are hunting and fishing. I don’t shy away from traveling or where the next adventure is going to take me. Getting out in the landscape and meeting local people is something I love".

What animal would you reincarnate to?

  • "A white tail buck. An ole grizzled veteran, wide eyed and crafty, that has survived all of the hunting seasons. I spend most of my time trying to find the buck of a lifetime, but they are harder to track down than you think".

When you are not hard at work, where would we find you?

  • "I hunt and fish non-stop. Deer season, squirrel season, archery season, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about the season, it’s about the hunt. Otherwise, I am working on our farm in North Georgia and keeping her maintained with my wife and a few friends that I coach to become better citizens of our world".

Southern Trapper Ambassador Carter Mckenzie

If you could do one thing that would positively impact the entire world, what would you do?

  • "I would protect public land and wildlife, so that our children can discover the lessons our wonderful lands teach us, just like how I learned".

Describe your best friend -

  • "Well, they are the two best friend at my wedding, they love the outdoors and don’t mind a good challenge. They love hunting, hiking, and camping, but they’re my best friends because they are tenacious, charismatic, and are what you’d call ‘good ole boys’."

What will be written on your tombstone?

  • "Husband, teacher, hunter, conservationists”.

What do you look for in a dog?

  • "Duck dog – big barrel chest. One that minds his own well. I would get her as a puppy, one that has a great temperament, is fearless, and isn't gun shy".

Hunting labs

What word best describes you and Southern Trapper?

  • "Proud American".

Here's what Carter chooses to use while he's on the hunt

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