Concealed Carry Tips as a Big Guy:

If you’re a bigger guy, carrying a concealed pistol may not be easy. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. You’re just going to need to approach things a little bit differently. For one, you may need to consider using some kind of concealed carry clothing. You may also want to look at using a concealed carry holster for fat guys. We’ll look at how to conceal carry as a big guy – along with some other useful concealed carry tips – in this post.

Concealed Carry Tips for as a Big Guy

When you’re carrying a concealed weapon, one of the main things you’re probably going to worry about is printing. If you haven’t heard about this term before, it refers to your firearm making a visible outline under your clothing. This essentially gives away the fact that you’re carrying to anyone who looks. That, of course, defeats the entire purpose of having a concealed weapon in the first place.

But don’t fret. There are some solutions to keep you from printing and help you conceal carry as a big guy. First, consider changing where you place your holster. Placing your holster at the two o’clock position is a good choice. It’s extremely concealable, and allows you to carry while both standing and sitting.

If you find that carrying at the two o’clock position is uncomfortable, give five o’clock a try. This allows you to avoid your gut or love handles entirely. The five o’clock position is definitely a good way to overcome printing. But definitely be careful if you decide to use this position. Since your gun is technically behind you, it’s easy for it to peek out of your clothing without you noticing.

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Concealed Carry Clothing for Bigger Men

Another concealed carry tip for bigger guys is to use proper clothing. In fact, some companies actually make clothing specifically for concealed carry. But even if you decide not to go that route, there are some ways you can use your wardrobe to carry a weapon more effectively.

For example, consider wearing looser clothes. Flannels are also a great choice, since they usually hang lower than a typical t-shirt. If you’re the kind of person who usually tucks in their shirts, that’s the first thing you should stop doing. You want your clothing to be as loose-fitting as possible.

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Best Holsters for Fat Guys

While we covered where you should wear your holsters, we haven’t exactly looked at the best holsters for fat guys yet. And if you’re going to conceal carry as a big guy, holsters are definitely an important part of the puzzle.

Some of the best holsters for fat guys are going to be IWB (inside the waistband) style ones. These are great at minimizing printing. And unlike OWB (outside the waistband) holsters, it’s much more difficult for clothes to get caught on them and expose your weapon.

If you’re searching for the perfect holster, the Southern Trapper is here to help. Browse our extensive selection to find the perfect concealed carry holster for your needs. Combined with the other concealed carry tips in this post, they’re for bigger guys who want to carry a weapon.

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