Gerard Masih

Ambassador of The Wild & Southern Trapper

Gerard Masih - The challenger of choice birds & advocate for the feathered race.

Duck hunting Southern Trapper

Gerard's on the hunt everyday, seeking to share the global heart of god with others who find love in religion. While he's not guiding others on their trek through life, he's in the fields creating long lasting memories of hunting with friends and family. Gerard's passion is nature and waterfowl is his calling. Whether he's in a duck blind, or church pew, he gives more than he takes.


What do you enjoy most about the Great Outdoors?

  • "Before the sun rises I like to watch the marsh come to life. Hearing the birds chirping and ducks flying around my decoys. Being out there and away from the hustle bustle. When I am out in the wilderness, I enjoy God’s creation and the love he has for mankind and nature".

What animal would you reincarnate to?

  • "I don’t believe in reincarnation, but I would say an elephant. Their wisdom and loyalty is inspiring and I admire how they protect their family. Family means a lot to me and Elephants nurture each other and have an unbreakable bond. Otherwise, I would want to be a dog that lives in Southern California, because they treat their dogs better than most people in 3rd world countries".

When you are not hard at work, where would we find you?

  • "With my family in the park, chasing my kids. I am also a big food person, and you’ll find me tucked away in a restaurant, enjoying a delicious dish. You’ll see me in church, talking about God’s grace and the recent hiking and outdoors adventures I’ve embarked on".

If you could do one thing that would positively impact the entire world, what would you do?

  • "I would focus on religion by spreading the global heartbeat of God and demonstrating love for religion".

Duck hunting

Describe your best friend -

  • "My best friend is funny and makes me laugh all the time. Someone who has my back and does not judge. They bring me up when I am down. They don't point fingers and they help me learn the truth".

What will be written on your tombstone?

  • "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith:”
    ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭4:7‬.

What do you look for in a dog?

  • "I look for companionship and loyalty. He has to have more love for the outdoors than I do. I admire the drive to want to retrieve from a duck blind, while we’re nestled in the marsh".

What word best describes you and Southern Trapper?

  • "Conservationist".

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