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Rick Denny IDPA

Introducing Rick, the Friendliest Gun Slinger You'll Ever Meet

As an International Defense Pistol Association Competitive Shooter, Rick's a challenger that take's shooting sports very seriously, but win or lose, Rick's there to cheer his competition on. It takes a lot of courage to travel every weekend competing in handgun competitions, but Rick stares down the barrel of something that requires even more courage to overcome, and that's addiction. Professionally, Rick chooses to spend his time working with homeless individuals who struggle to overcome addition. As the Executive Director of Trinity Rescue Mission, Rick's hands are full meeting the physical, material, and spiritual needs of the homeless, hungry, and hopeless.

When Rick's not helping hundreds homeless and hurting people in Jacksonville FL, he's encouraging other IDPA shooters to enjoy life and the game of competitive shooting. "I just want to see people be happy", says Rick. "Everyone struggles in life with something, and not everyone has the support they need to overcome that, if I can help make their dreams come true, I've done my job". You can't find a guy who is more selfless, humble, or devoted to making a positive difference in this world than Rick. We're proud to have Rick on our team and he's like a brother to everyone at Southern Trapper.

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What do you enjoy most about the Great Outdoors?

  • "Observing the miracle and diversity of life created. There is nothing like sneaking into a tree stand a few of hours before dawn and getting to watch the night-time wildlife hand over the shift to the day-time wildlife as the sun rises---and then back again at dusk. Being outside is the best, whether it be at the range, in the woods, or on the water, I am there. My Dad gave me a BB gun when I was in the 1st grade, and I got a junior NRA membership when I got the BB gun."

What animal would you reincarnate to?

  • "If I had to be an animal, I would be a horse! I love the power, beauty and work ethic of a big, strong horse. If you look at the progressive civilization of mankind, where would we be without horses? They provided transportation, helped to cultivate food, manage livestock, were the back bone of military battles and commerce before the industrial revolution. You can go anywhere on a horse---what freedom! Plus, my wife loves horses as much as I love shooting sports, so I have an ulterior motive"!

When you are not hard at work, where would we find you?

  • "Most of my free time is spent on the shooting range, whether it be practice or competing in International Defensive Pistol Association matches wearing The Southern Trapper jersey. My father instilled a love and fascination in me for shooting and working on firearms at an early age. My military service and time hunting as an adult grew my passion for firearms even more. I love the smells, sounds and atmosphere of the range---it is an incredible escape. Over the past 4 years, the game of action pistol shooting has become a passion for me. The adrenaline rush of clearing targets and manipulating a handgun under the pressures of time, obstacles, distance and accuracy is like no other feeling. If you’re looking for me, I am on the range practicing - Even on Father’s Day, I worked on my IDPA platforms for the 2019 season."

International Defense Pistol Association

If you could do one thing that would positively impact the entire world, what would you do?

  • "In my professional life, I work to help homeless persons, particularly those that struggle with addiction. Every day, I witness the pain and consequences of addiction---which is heartbreaking. I have seen people forsake their families, health, material possessions and even their lives trying to fill an emptiness inside them. It gets depressing when one considers that addiction is an issue that plagues the entire world. I wish I could snap my fingers and make chemical dependency disappear".

Trinity Rescue Mission

Describe your best friend -

  • "My wife is my soul-mate and best friend. We were blessed to raise great kids and we are now enjoying life as couple with few distractions and lots of time to focus on hobbies. Her passion is horses, something she inherited from her parents. I love to watch her train and ride horses, sometimes rescue and re-home horses and share that passion with our children and others. She helps to organize an annual charity rodeo event for families impacted by childhood cancer every year---she is the best".

What will be written on your tombstone?

  • "This man loved his God, his family, his country and people".

What do you look for in a dog?

  • "In the words of the hitman character Jules from Pulp Fiction, ‘…a dog’s got personality and personality goes a long way!’ I love dogs and I have two. Aubree is my German Short-Hair Pointer and she loves the outdoors, running, swimming and expending limitless energy. I also have Mia, a tea cup Chihuahua who is my 3-pound body guard. Both make my days brighter! My dad raised bird dogs from when I was very young, there’s really nothing better than a dog that’s really well trained and active".

What word best describes you and Southern Trapper?

  • "Made-For-Life"

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