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Earlier in 2022, Springfield debuted the latest version of its Hellcat handgun: the Hellcat Pro. This new version of the Hellcat saw some real improvements over its predecessor, which was already one of Springfield’s most popular firearms. If you’re considering purchasing a Hellcat Pro (or if you already picked one up), this post is for you. We’ll cover the Springfield Hellcat Pro, including its pros and cons, along with some recommendations for the best holsters to use along with this gun.

Hellcat Pro 9mm

What is the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Handgun?

The Hellcat Pro is Springfield’s upgraded concealed carry pistol. Chambered in 9x19 Parabellum, it’s intended to compete with other subcompact pistols like the SIG P365, M&P Shield, and the Glock 26 or 43. These tiny pistols make great everyday companions, and make sure you’re ready for whatever the crazy world throws at you. 

Pros and Cons

One of the main pros of the Hellcat Pro is its 15-round magazine size. That’s a huge improvement over the original Hellcat, which only held 13 rounds. This puts it squarely in the same category as other high-firepower concealed carry pistols like SIG’s P365. It may sound like overkill, but if you ever have to actually use your Hellcat, you’ll be happy for every single shot in your magazine.

Its second big pro is its super-compact size. Like the original Springfield Hellcat handgun, the Pro is just a single inch thick. That’s the perfect size, allowing you to fully wrap your fingers around it to exercise shot control, but still slim enough so that it doesn’t readily print. That’s hugely important, since this is… you know… a concealed carry pistol, and if you’re printing, you’re not concealing very well. 

One of the big benefits of the Hellcat Pro is its reversible mag release. While it’s not fully ambidextrous, it’s fairly simple to switch out the mag release for left- or right-handed shooters. That makes reloading this hand cannon a breeze regardless of your dominant hand.

The only real pitfall facing the Hellcat Pro is its blocky, chunky grips. If you have smaller hands, it may be a little bit uncomfortable for you to draw and hold. These grips are a direct result of the Hellcat Pro’s increased magazine capacity though, so it’s definitely a worthy trade-off.

Hellcat Pro OSP Holster

Best Holster for the Springfield Hellcat Pro

If you don’t have a holster for a concealed carry pistol, you’re not going to get very much use out of it. Since the Hellcat Pro is designed as a concealable, stealthy carry pistol, you’re probably going to want a holster to match. There are a ton of different concealed carry holsters out there, but few of them offer the combination of reliability and usability that a leather holster does.

A leather holster will have enough passive retention to snugly hold your gun in place, all without damaging its finish. If you’re interested in a leather carry holster for your Springfield Hellcat Pro, the Southern Trapper can help. To learn more, take our simple four-question survey to find your new holster.

IWB Hellcat Pro Holster

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