Custom Cowboy Cuffs - Made to exceed your expectations.

A customer wanted us to make a matching pair of custom cowboy cuffs, that reflected his western ranch heritage. We spent countless hours trying to find a way to bring these cuffs to life. The result of our attention to detail was an ecstatic customer who left these comments to share with us.

Team Southern Trapper,

Just wanted to leave a short note of thanks. I greatly appreciated your willingness to take on my pair of western wrist cuffs project. As I mentioned the timeliness of completing them was not important. But what was was doing them right. You did that. The cuffs fit perfectly and are everything that I hoped they could be. The antique floral pattern with our incorporated brand look beautiful and reflect our family's pride. Every now and then something special comes along in life and it just did for me. These are the perfect heirloom I imagined they could be. Someday my son will assume the full responsibilities of our farm and ranch. When he does, these cuffs will be ready. I sincerely thank you for that.

Although we don't wrestle alligators out here in southeastern Utah I believe we understand men like you who do!

Take care, you'll always have a patron and friend in me.

custom cowboy cuffs

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