Wildlife Ambassadors

Southern Trapper Ambassador

Our tribe of sportsmen have deep rooted appreciations for the outdoors, and we’ve added a courageous few to our team. Our Wildlife Ambassadors are masters of the great outdoors, ranging from wildlife conservationists, elite hunting and fishing experts, and outdoor professionals, who share our compassion for the outdoors.

Whether leading a hunt or a conversation around the campfire, our Ambassadors are full-fledged stewards and share their experiences and inspirations with others.

- Here’s what they are all about –

Meet Bri, the culinary queen of wild game. Whether on a hunt, at the gym, or in the kitchen, she'll kick your ass and you'll thank her for it. Bri's commitment to sustainably sourcing organic wild ingredients is inspiring families to enjoy wildlife and live life to the fullest. Whether your belly is half empty or half full, Bri's recipes will leave you hungry for more. Discover what Bri is tracking down and cooking up here.

Bri Wilderness to table

Meet Gerard, the challenger of choice birds and advocate for the feathered race. Gerard's on the hunt everyday, seeking to share the global heart of god with others who find love in religion. While he's not guiding others on their trek through life, he's in the fields creating long lasting memories of hunting with friends and family. Gerard's passion is nature and waterfowl is his calling. Whether he's in a duck blind, or church pew, he gives more than he takes. Discover Gerard's passion for wildlife and his meaningful impact here.

Hunting Ambassador

Meet Jordan, A man who goes by the Dog & Duck Whisperer, but that's not all he he's known for. Discover this conservationist's passion here.

Fishing Sponsorship

Meet Rowdy, the rowdiest buck'n bull rider to ever buck a bull. Find out what makes Rowdy so rowdy here.

Bull rider sponsorship

Meet Slick Rick, he's the friendliest gun slinger you'll every meet. Discover what makes this International Defense Pistol Association Competitive Shooter so kind here.

International Defense Pistol Association IDPA

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Wildlife Ambassador

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