Southern Trapper Ambassador

Southern Trapper, the leader in sustainably sourced and humanely harvested luxury leather goods, would like to invite you to become a charter member of our Southern Trapper Ambassador Program.

Our team has deep rooted appreciations for the outdoors, and we’re looking to add a courageous few to our team. We want to build strong relationships with masters of the great outdoors, ranging from wildlife conservationists, elite hunting and fishing experts, and outdoor professionals, who share our compassion for the outdoors.

Whether leading a hunt or a conversation around the campfire, our Ambassadors are full-fledged stewards and share their experiences and inspirations with others.

- Here’s what it’s all about –

There are four key components to our Ambassador Program

  • Telling Your Story
  • Testing Our Products
  • Promoting Our Shared Passion
  • Rewarding Your Service

Outdoor Ambassador program

Telling Your Story

We feel that every one of our wild hides has a unique story to tell. As an expert in the great outdoors, we would like to provide you with another form to tell your unique story. Each Ambassador will have a dedicated page on our website where you can speak to our customers about your experiences, ideas, and passions.

We’ll integrate their social media accounts to that page, so our loyal customers can find inspiration in your recent posts and follow you.

Of course, we’ll repost our Ambassador’s content on our social platforms and promote their character, leadership, and passions.

Southern Trapper

Test Our Products

When you become an Ambassador, we’ll send you a Trapper Kit, which will contain free gear. Occasionally, we may send you new samples of prototypes we’re developing, for you to field test.

Why? Because we value your feedback and want to hear how our collections perform. Hearing from an expert like you will help ensure that each new Southern Trapper product exceeds the highest standards of quality, function, and durability.

Have an idea for a for a new product that might fit your unique lifestyle? Our design team will help work with you to turn your vision into reality.

Promote Our Shared Passion

Whether you’re a professional hunting guide or a talented trapper, we'd like to share your story, experiences, and message with our audience.

While there is absolutely no obligation to do so, if you find that our story fits your message, we’d greatly appreciate you sharing our story.

As a way of saying thanks, we’ll earmark 1% of the sales you generate to support the wildlife charity of your choice!

Southern Trapper

Rewarding Your Service

This is our favorite part - As a group of inspired avid outdoorsmen, we LOVE to share experiences and spend our time with like-minded conservationists and wildlife supporters. Knowing how much you love the outdoors, we built our rewards to enable you to pursue the activities you love the most.

Each quarter, we’ll award three Ambassadors with 1 prize each. Prizes will be awarded based on tracked impressions, reach, and sales generated. We'll change up the prizes each quarter so you'll always have something new to look forward to. An example of some potential prizes are listed below!

Southern Trapper ambassador

Want to Join Southern Trapper’s Ambassador Program?

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