Jordan Achterhoff

Ambassador of The Wild & Southern Trapper

Jordan Achterhoff- The Dog & Duck Whisperer

Waterfowl hunting South Carolina

Jordan's not a afraid of a challenge. He especially isn't afraid of calling in game for Rivers, his right hand man. From the duck blind to the dock, Jordan's mastered the art of game calling. Some may call it luck, but Jordan's devoted years of his life to perfecting a craft he calls "The Game Whisper".

Duck dog hunting SC

Be careful around Jordan, you may blink and he'll have a pile of waterfowl ready to cook up. Depending on his mood, he may limit out and leave you in the blind, or he may stick around and call some choice birds in to share. Regardless, he's the player you pick first on your team.


What do you enjoy most about the Great Outdoors?

  • "My biggest passion is escaping from the hustle bustle of daily life and slowing it down across God’s green earth. I grew up hunting & fishing, and I love the challenge of stalking prey, calling in game, and baiting a fish to bite something that isn’t real. That really gets me going".

What animal would you reincarnate to?

  • "A lion would be legit. Top of the food chain. All of the other species kind of rely on you. I like that lifestyle, got to go out and hunt and work hard, otherwise you’d die".

When you are not hard at work, where would we find you?

  • "Fortunately, I work outside, so you’ll always find me there or in a duck blind, dove field, or deer stand".

If you could do one thing that would positively impact the entire world, what would you do?

  • "I would love to do work for a conservation group, like DSC or DU. Going out and showing people that just since we hunt and fish, doesn’t mean we’re negatively impacting Mother Nature. There’s more to life than sitting on a coach, there’s so much to see – I want to see it all. I’d like to build awareness that our resources are not plentiful, and that we all need to take care of what we have. I’d like to give back to what’s been giving me so much".

Describe your best friend -

  • "My best friend is my wife, She is always down for an adventure. When I am traveled and warn out, she’ll drag me out. She loves to hunt and fish, almost as much as I do. I love sharing experiences with her and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her".

What will be written on your tombstone?

  • "Here lies a guy who was full of life. Kind hearted. Funny. Caring. A man of pride".

What do you look for in a dog?

  • "Drive and determination. If I want go, he needs to want to go, because a dog is a reflection of their owner. A dog that will respect me, but has a little 'hard headed' side that makes him want to go and retrieve even though it’s hot in the dove field".

Ducking hunting with dogs

What word best describes you and Southern Trapper?

  • "Unique".

Fishing South Carolina

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