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For many pistol owners, buying a new firearm is just the first step on a long journey. For them, that stock pistol is too bare-bones – they need to spruce things up. So, they pour over aftermarket parts to upgrade their firearm. One of the first things to swap out is their slide. And when it comes to slides, particularly for Glocks and the SIG P320, there’s no one better than Zev. We’ll take a look at Zev, their parts, their complete OZ9 pistol, and the best holsters for their products in this post.

What Are Zev Slides and Will They Improve my Glock or P320?

As we mentioned, one of Zev’s biggest claims to fame are the slides they make for Glocks and the SIG P320. These slides are pretty much plug-and-play components that you can use to replace the current slide on your firearm. There are several reasons that you may want to do this.

First and foremost, one of the main reasons to get a Zev slide is that they all feature an RMR cut. This means that there’s an indentation towards the back of the slide that will comfortably fit some kind of miniature red dot optic specifically for pistols. The slide will also feature screw holes to hold the optic firmly in place. Another reason Zev is so popular is because their slides are lightweight, which makes them more comfortable to carry for long periods of time.

Finally, there’s one last reason to upgrade your pistol’s components: it just looks cool. While guns are definitely a tool, they’re also one that you can personalize. Adding an aftermarket slide to your Glock or SIG is one way that you can make it more unique and stand out from the other “black pistols” out there.

ZEV OZ9 Holster

The Zev OZ9 Pistol

If replacing a single component of your Glock or P320 with Zev parts wasn’t enough for you, you still have options. Hardcore Zev fans out there can opt to pick up a pistol made entirelly by Zev: the OZ9. Zev makes several different versions of the pistol, including both “Elite” and “Compact” models. You can even find an OZ9 with a threaded barrel to attach a suppressor if that’s your fancy. All versions of the pistol come with an optic-cut slide for easy installation of a pistol red dot. 

ZEV Leather Holster

Choose the Southern Trapper Holsters for Your Zev OZ9 Pistol or Glock and P320 with a Zev Slides

At the Southern Trapper, we’ve had a lot of people asking us recently about whether we can make a holster for their Zev OZ9 pistols, or their Glock or P320 with a Zev slide. And the answer is a resounding yes! At the Southern Trapper, we can custom-build you a holster to fit any kind of custom firearm part. Not only does that include any kind of attachment like a liht or optic, but it also covers Zev slides. To get started with your new custom holster answer this simple four-question survey.

ZEV OZ9 IWB Holster

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